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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Opening Day 2009

Harrison went 2 for 2, scoring twice, with about 4 RBI's on opening day. H plays for the Super Stars in the Foothills Adaptive Baseball League with many friends, including Dominic King and Ryan and Rachel Garrett. It was cold and a bit rainy but, as you can see, we had a good time.

After the game H took his new wheels for a test drive on the WIDE OPEN SPACE...


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  2. Looks like some very fine new wheels! H is quite the mover and shaker with them!

  3. I just checked out Harrison's blog for the first time and it's awesome. I watched his video's and they made me cry. Partly because Harrison looked so happy and excited and partly cause it made me miss you all even more!!
    Love love love the blog!!