My favorite Pastime .... mowing the lawn with Uncle Aaron!

Monday, August 31, 2009

See me standing now!!

My body is getting stronger everyday! I've been doing my exercises! Here is a picture of me standing up holding onto my Dad's hands again. I have also been doing some tummy time....I love to watch TV laying on my stomach now, instead of on my back! I can almost watch a whole Rockies game on my stomach. In fact, I automatically roll onto my stomach to watch TV or play on the floor!
Thanks to everyone who is supporting me! It's fun to talk to people about my experiences. People always ask me would I go again? My answer is yes! It was hard, but the results are definitley worth it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Physical Therapy

Yesterday my physical therapist, Sandra, came to see me. She told me I need to work on my core muscles that will help me improve my balance and help me to sit up without using my hands. I was a little mad at her. I really want to run...not walk! She was making me do all sorts of crazy exercises, which included throwing a ball with 2 hands, not one. "I want to pitch," I told her, "You don't pitch with 2 hands!" But she explained to me that doing exercises like throwing a ball over my head with two hands was going to give me the strength to have more control and balance. I can also b So, I guess I'll try. I can also practice standing up, if I wear my AFO's. (They are plastic inserts that I wear inside my shoes to give my ankles and legs stability) My mom took pictures of me doing my exercises--I'm working really hard!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm doing great!

After my exciting day of sitting up by myself, I got really sick....for 8 days! My mom and dad didn't have me do much in those days, but I am home now! Boy does it feel good to sleep in my own bed! I survived the plane ride....I only slept about 2 hours during the 11 hour plane ride. That may sound terrible, but it made for an easy recovery to Denver time. And guess what? Two of my favorite families were at the airport to welcome me home! The Freed's and Cohen's! It was sooo fun to see familiar faces! I was so tired I could hardly talk! We got home a little after 8 pm and went right to sleep.
For an is much easier for me to get my words out. My speech is getting better each day. My hands aren't clentched and my wrists can rotate! Yesterday my mom helped me hold on to a chair in our front room, and then she let go....I could stand holding onto furniture for a minute or two! I'm really excited!
Thanks again to everyone who helped make this adventure possible! We are praying for my bestest friend Dominic today and tomorrow. His procedure is tomorrow and Wednesday! We love you Big D!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lunch today at McD's

H picked up bottle, drank, and set it back on table with minimal assistance. No spills too!

Note the satisfaction in his face. You'd think even now from his reaction 5 min later he made a significant breakthrough. That's because he did.

What we are beginning to understand is that H will need training to get the most out of this therapy. Line upon line is how this will work. It's almost as if what was not there before is now present. It just needs to be trained like a younger child. So many firsts to come.

OK! So he just stole my fry while I was typing! And he used his right hand too. That's new. This is like Christmas every day. You just have to pay attention.

Go H go!


Monday, August 3, 2009

Update ...

About 36 hours ago Harrison received his stem cell treatment.

Things went very well.

The photo taken moments ago of H playing on the floor with his new toy. He is balancing on his own. At the time of the photo, he had been up-INDEPENDENTLY- for about 10 min. This has never happened before.

"Would you like to go to bed now?"

"I've been waiting my whole life to play like this. I'm NOT tired!"

So he will be allowed to stay up later. All he wants...

Never doubt prayer, faith, and that miracles can happen.

Forward this to anyone interested. I have some toys to play with...