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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lunch today at McD's

H picked up bottle, drank, and set it back on table with minimal assistance. No spills too!

Note the satisfaction in his face. You'd think even now from his reaction 5 min later he made a significant breakthrough. That's because he did.

What we are beginning to understand is that H will need training to get the most out of this therapy. Line upon line is how this will work. It's almost as if what was not there before is now present. It just needs to be trained like a younger child. So many firsts to come.

OK! So he just stole my fry while I was typing! And he used his right hand too. That's new. This is like Christmas every day. You just have to pay attention.

Go H go!



  1. Yeah, Harrison! Keep stealing those fries! Safe travels home...can't wait to see you! Prayers answered...God is ALWAYS good!

    The Moore's (Cheryl, Eddie, Sarah & Justin)

  2. Way to go Harrison! One of our 2 favorite March 8th boys!! Both of you get sent overseas and both are learning and growing more every day! We are so happy for you Buddy! Keep up the good work! We love you! Tami Stewart Ward and Family

  3. Good move on the fries!!!
    You're a sneaky one!
    Next time, try grabbing a chicken nugget!

  4. Hey guys! I'm so happy you are blogging about your story and all of Harrison's successes. I've been hearing about it from my mom, but this is much better! Love you all!
    Love, Laura (Stewart) Hightower aka one of Harrison's favorite babysitters :)