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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well...I'm done! On Monday, we went to the Xcell Center at 9:00. When we got there my Mom had to read sign a zillion papers, and I was starving. She wouldn't let me eat or drink because I was having anestisia. But guess what? The first paper she read said I didn't have to fast! So, my brother Caleb, got me some really good apple juice! Well....the doctor got really angry with my mom a few minutes later...."You should have known better!" She showed him on their paperwork where it said fasting wasn't neccessary, but he was still being mean! These German people talk like they are mad at everyone! But he wasn't really mad at my mom, he was mad because the mistake happened at their center! So, we had to delay my procedure for 1 hour. It was really hard for my mom to watch me be put to sleep. They put the IV needle in my wrist before I was asleep...AND IT HURT REALLY BAD! I was screeming. My mom asked why they did that before I was asleep, but the doctor got angry with her again...saying he knows what's best! Well, maybe he does, but they don't do IV's like that at home. I've had a few surgeries before, and it never hurt that bad!
But, the procedure went great! I woke up only 5 minutes after they were done, and they watched me for an hour, then I got to leave! Boy, are the hospital beds uncomfortable! I felt just fine! We even stopped for ice cream on the way back to the hotel! They have really yummy ice cream here!

On Wednesday, we went back to the Xcell Center at 9:00, did I tell you it takes an hour to get there on the train? When we got there, this time I was fasting again, and my mom wouldn't let me eat or drink! But the doctor was running really late, so we got started over an hour late! I was so anxious and bored, I was kind of mad! But, everything went fine during the procedure. This time they put the IV in my elbow area, and guess what? As soon as they were done....I pulled it right out! I didn't want that in my arm any more. They made me stay in my hospital bed for 5 hours to watch me. It was really boring! All I could do was lay there. My mom read me a whole magazine, we looked at pictures we've taken on her camera, we tried to watch TV(but there was not any channels in English) was boring!
But, I did have a roommate that was 15 years old from Spain. She had a stroke when her mom was pregnant, and she can't really talk, but she can walk a little. She reminded me of my friend Molly Parnes. I kept asking her questions like, "Do you like rubber ducks?" and "Do you like baby dolls?" She didn't speak english, she spoke spanish. Her sister could speak English and would answer my questions. She would make all these funny sounds and clap her hands alot....she was really loud! Her mom and sister were really nice.
Finally, it was time to go home....but then I got a headache and my stomach hurt! I threw up all over my Dad! Oops...sorry Dad! My mom and dad didn't want to take me home on the train because I wasn't feeling good, so they called a taxi to bring us home. But, we waited and waited, and after 40 minutes, we decided to take the train. So, an hour later, we got back to our hotel. It's not really that far, it's just you have to get on 2 different trains to get there. I wasn't feeling very good, so my mom and dad gave me some pain medicine and I fell asleep. I had a really good night sleep. I slept for 10 hours and then woke up because I was thirsty. Then I went back to sleep for 3 more hours. I'm feeling pretty good, my back is sore where they put the needle in.

I'll keep you posted! Thanks so much for thinking of me! I love you dad will add pictures later! My mom is not sure how to add the pictures.

Harrison...HG....."The Man"....Chiefy....Hrificent!


  1. You're a real trooper! (so is your Dad!)
    After all that fasting I think you deserve an all-you-can-eat pancake day and double scoops of ice cream!
    Love ya,
    Fran Cohen

  2. Thanks for the updates! Can't wait to see you in November or December! The lawnmower keeps asking when you are coming! :)

    Love you!
    Uncle Aaron, Aunt Mindy, Spencer, Riley, Paris, JJ and Sydney!

  3. Good Job Harrison. It isn't easy being in hospital when you are in your own country but being at a hospital in a country that doesn't speak english as their first language must be really hard.
    We are so glad that your procedures all went well. Now that the business end of your trip is taken care of you can get back to the fun stuff - (: Can't wait to see some pics . . . .