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Thursday, September 10, 2009


My very awesome agent, Sharon Freed, helped make one of my dreams come true last night! She contacted the Colorado Rockies baseball team and told them about Dominic and me. They invited us to come down on the field during batting practice and meet some of the players! I got to meet Dexter Fowler, Ryan Spilbourghs and a few other players. They were really nice and we had fun talking to them! They even gave Dom and me and bat to have the players sign! It is very, very, awesome and it will be a treasure of mine FOREVER! Here are some pictures! This night was unbelievable! They even won 4-3 in the very last inning....just for me! Thanks Sharon!


  1. Way cool! Looks like a great evening.

  2. H, I'm glad you had so much fun. You know some pretty amazing people in Colorado. Luv u, Jenny

  3. HARRISON ! ! ! !

    WOW ! ! ! ! ! How awesome was your day with the Rockies! Just Amazing. You know I am so jealous but more excited that you got to have such a fantastic day with the Rockies. How great that you got to share that special day with Dom. Just so Brilliant.
    WOW ! ! ! ! ! What more can I say.

    Of course there is always more. . . . I can't stop talking for long (:

    Can you do me a favour? Now that the Rockies are in the post season. Can you cheer extra for me as well. I am a little worried they wont hear me all the way from Australia. But I know they'll hear you. So if you could cheer for the both of us that would be awesome. I watched the Rockies beat the Phillie's early this morning in game 2. Back at home for game 3 and I know you'll be watching. Thanks Harrison, you are the best.

    Love to you and your family xoxox

    Kelly (: