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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Hands Work!!

I have a goal at school to read for 30 minutes every night, then I have to use my talker(computer) to write a sentence about what I read. Well, sometimes this takes me another 30 minutes.
This is how my talker works....I use picture icons that turn into words. My computer scans each icon, then I use some switches to stop the computer from scanning and then click again to choose that icon. If I miss the one I wanted, I have to wait for the computer to get to the icon again. Sometimes this really frustrates me!
Well, yesterday my mom talked to Brian (my computer speech therapist) and discussed my frustration with the speed of my computer. They got to talking and my mom asked him when they tried using the direct select method instead of scanning. (I forgot to tell you that my computer has a touch screen) He said it's been since I got my computer.....2 1/2 years ago, when I couldn't do it at all! So my mom told him we needed to try again....guess what? I'm really good at it! My hands work soooo much better than they used to! He said we didn't need to use my switches now! Now, I can just touch the picture icon that I want to use, and I don't have to wait for the computer to scan! It's amazing! I am soooo excited! I can now write sentences in less than 5 minutes, even when I make errors! And Brian said I would only get faster!


  1. That is so GREAT! I am so excited for you Harrison! You are awesome! Can't wait to see you in November!
    Love YOU!

  2. Harrison, I am so glad to read about how well you are doing. We got an email with a link on your article in the Denver Post. I was excited to read about it. I called the therapist and gave her our information, so that your mom could call my daughter. We would like to meet you & your family sometime, if that is ok. Our grandson Marcus (will be 3 in December) has CP and we are thinking about going to Germany for the stem cell treatment. Ashley has your mom's email, so I will have her ask your mom if there is a day that we could come visit. Take Care!!
    Shonda aka "Marcus's Meme"

  3. Harrison,

    That is great news. You are learning new things all the time. I can see how you would have been frustrated before but now you can wizz through your work. That IS very exciting!! We wish we were there to see you in person making all your progress but it is so great to read all about everything on your blog.

    Have a great day bud.

    Love the Dexters (KkS)

  4. Harrison,

    I am so happy and excited that your condition is improving. I also appreciate that you have updated the blog.

    Your story has inspired us to do take our son to Germany to have the same procedure for our son.


    Thanks and I hope and pray that your condition keeps improving.


  5. Hey!!! My name is Pam. My daughter, Makenzie also has CP. We live in CO and one of her Pt's is Kelly. (she kept telling me about how 2 boys she was treating had gone to Germany but it is so good to finally put a face to your sons story!) We went to Costa Rica in July for Stem Cells and have seen some amazing improvements in Makenzie since then as well! I just wanted so say hi and tell you how amazing I think you son is! My daughters story is at! I would love to chat sometime about stems cells and your experience in Germany! Feel free to e-mail me at!

  6. Hi! It is Harrison's Birthday (and Justin's!) so I was just thinking about all of you! Happy Birthday Harrison! Hope all of you are doing well! Love, Tami Stewart Ward

  7. Hi Harrison,
    My name is Hannah. I have athetosis CP also along with movement disorders. I am 19 and attend college COMPLETELY INDEPENDENTLY which seems to be the track you're on. Feel free to read my blog, it's called Hannah's College Adventures. Contact me if you want.